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With a points collection system, the MOOD03 loyalty card is the solution designed to reward your loyalty through exclusive access to numerous benefits!

We reward your loyalty: the more you spend, the more points you accumulate!

Get 1 point for every euro spent, and upon reaching 300 euros, you have the opportunity to convert the points into a 5 euro discount voucher valid on all our products!

The conversion of points into discount vouchers generates a coupon code that can be used by entering it in the "cart" "coupon code" section.


500 points = 10€ VOUCHER
750 points = 20€ VOUCHER
1000 points = 30€ VOUCHER


The Mood03 Card was created to reward customers who make frequent purchases on the website (owned by Ro.Sa srl) in order to offer them personalized service. The goal is to create a Program based on points earned by participants. Points will be converted into loyalty coupons spendable on the website for online purchases.


Membership Conditions

Individuals who are 18 years old or older may join by creating an account on the website

Participation in this Program is governed by these rules, to which the customer gives their consent and full adherence. These conditions may be modified or cancelled at the discretion of Ro.Sa srl at any time, with reasonable notice.

In the event of termination of the Program and prior communication to the Owners of the Mood03 Card, all accumulated points and associated benefits may be revoked, except for acquired rewards. Upon joining or subsequently from their loyalty account, the customer will enable their Mood03 account to accumulate points and Program benefits. Each customer may hold only one Mood03 Card. It is not possible to transfer points and purchases from one account/Card owned by one person to another.


Upon reaching 300 points, the customer, by accessing the website and logging in with the credentials of their Mood03 account, can exchange the accumulated points.

When 300 points are reached, the points necessary for the generation of the loyalty coupon will be deducted; this deduction will be visible in the "points card" section. From the deduction of points to the generation, and therefore the availability of the coupon, 2-3 working days may elapse. Once generated, the loyalty coupon will be available in the "points card" section accessible from the personal account on

The company Ro.Sa srl, owner of the Mood03 website, cannot be held responsible if the email address provided by the owner is incorrect, incomplete, or inactive.


The Mood03 Card remains the property of the company Ro.Sa srl, with the Holder being only a custodian. It is not a means of payment. It is valid on the website for the entire duration of the Program. It is free, personal, and non-transferable. srl will send communications regarding the management of the Mood03 Card to all Cardholders via email.


The Mood03 card allows the Holder to obtain 1 point for every euro spent.

1€ spent = 1 point
300 points = 5€ discount
500 points = 10€ discount
750 points = 20€ discount
1000 points = 30€ discount

Purchases eligible for point accrual: purchases of any product generate points. Payment methods eligible for point accrual: all payment methods generate points.

Points, personal and non-transferable, cannot be converted into cash or other goods. If the Holder detects any error in the calculation of their points, they may submit a claim. Ro.Sa. srl will rectify the error as soon as the Holder has legitimately asserted their right. The points balance is updated within 2-3 working days for purchases made online on (if made after authenticating the account associated with the Card).


When the Holder has accumulated 300 points, they will have the opportunity to use a €5 discount coupon, usable on the website by logging in with the credentials of their Mood03 account, they can convert the points into a voucher. The loyalty discount coupon will be available on the website in the "Personal Account", "points card" section. Issuance of the coupon automatically deducts the points required for its issuance.

For the loyalty coupon, the deduction will occur first and then, in approximately 3-4 days, the coupon will be made available. Only the Holder will benefit from the loyalty coupon received in exchange for points accumulated in their account, and they can spend it on the website by entering the code in the coupon code section

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